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Kosher Truffle Honey, with OU certification and supervision

This black truffle honey in a glass jar from Sabatino Tartufi is made of acacia honey with white truffle essence as well as pie...

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Size: 4.5 oz or 128g
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Kosher Food with US certified Hashgacha
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If you like 'truffle' products (salt, chips... ) you will crave for this gourmet honey. The aroma of the truffle goes perfectly with the sweetness of the honey. The taste and flavor of truffle honey starts with the truffle and finishes with the sugared / sweet honey. This honey is a bit pricey but once you try it, it is worth it.

Honey Truffle does not have any fat nor cholesterol and a teaspoon brings 45 calories and 6% daily needs in carbs.

You can use it with cheese (brie and truffle honey is the best) but also with foie gras, cold cut, vinaigrettes, fruits, to marinate chicken or simply on bread . You can find below more recipes with truffle honey.

From the Manufacturer: Truffle honey is perfect for meat glaze, crepe dressing, cheese, spread over fruit and cake, or topping off ice cream and sorbet.

Truffles come from Italy.

You should store in a dry place and away from the sun. Do not refrigerate. Under those conditions, you can keep it for almost two years.


There are many halavi / dairy recipes that use truffle honey: you can use it on parmesan truffle fries, butter, brie, ricotta or any goat cheese, pizza, mushroom or Alfredo pasta, madeleines, panna cotta or ice creams.

There are also parve recipes. The manufacturer provides an avocado toast with truffle honey video recipe but you can also eat it with a vinaigrette dressing, popcorn, figs, cake, vegatables such as brussel sprouts or fish (salmon for example).

You can also cook it with meat (basari recipes) glazing chicken or burgers. 

With this truffle honey, you can take advantages of all benefits from the honey and the truffles.

8 Benefits from honey:

(Raw) Honey is considered by many as a superfood.
1. It is a natural sweetener,
2. it treats insomnia (thanks to tryptophan),
3. it eases sore throat, 
4. it also has antibacterial and antifungal properties,
5. It helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides and increase good cholesterol (HDL),
6. antioxidants from honey help reduce blood pressure
7. honey prevents allergies and helps to strengthen the immune system (cough, flu...)
8. it is a natural source of energy, before a training session it would be one of the best carbohydrate.

Benefits of the truffles:

On top of the wonderful taste, flavor of the truffles (that is why they are called "black diamonds"), they contain water and a lot of fibers. Therefore after eating them, you would regularly feel full. 100g of truflles only brings 92 calories. Truffle is also a source of A, D and K vitamins.
A vitamins are good for visual acuity, bones and immune system; D vitamins are good for bones, teeth and calcification. With all those vitamins, it helps prevent osteoporosis.
As they are rich in potassium, it helps your muscles, your renal system and reduce blood pressure.

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