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Kosher French Saucisson Sec, under Kosher Miami supervision

A whole saucisson sec also named French dry salami or sliced saucisson. Saucisson is a type of cured sausage. It is made in Miami.

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Kosher Food with US certified Hashgacha
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This artisanal saucisson sec, or classic dry salami, is Kosher under the KM supervision (highest authority in South Florida and certified by the CRC) and is made in Miami, FL. It is presented in a pouch of about 0.75 lb or in a vacuum seal pouch of 4 oz.

Saucisson sec is part of the French gastronomy. You can serve it at any aperitif (for shabbat) or as a starter of a delicate meal. You can also bring it for a picnic with family or friends and make a sandwich (with mustard and pickle). You can pair it with a red Bordeaux wine.

Store the dry sausage in the fridge (towards the bottom part) and you can keep it for about 2 months. 
Eat the saucisson at room temperature and cut slices of 1-2 mm thick but do not use a coarse blade knife.

How to choose a saucisson sec?
A good saucisson sec is when you can smell a nice smell and when you hold it and you press it, your fingers hardly embed themselves in the cured meat (a few millimeter).

beef, salt, pepper, spices. All natural ingredients.
The casing is made of collagen, the white powder ("white flower") is natural and it is nitrate-free, gluten-free, MSG-free and without preservative.

If you are pregnant, be cautious with cold cured meats / cold cuts as they are not cooked.

Saucisson comes from tha latin word "salsus" which means "salty".

Art of preparing a saucisson sec:
The mix is placed in a casing (or what looks like the skin of the saucisson) and then dried and cured for a few weeks, when microorganisms will grow. The white powder on top of the dry sausage is called "fleur blanche" (white flower from French). It is in fact mold that is developing just like it happens for yogurt or cheese. This is a natural way to maintain the cured meat and also what brings the flavour to the saucisson sec. 

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