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Avola Dragées Marquise, Kosher from Beth Din de Paris (France)

Buy the Queen of the Almond that is being harvested in Sicily. It is available in different sizes: 500g or 1.1lb, 1 kilo or 2.2...

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Kosher Food - French Hashgacha
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Avola Dragées or Sugared Almonds or French Almonds is known to be the highest quality, the best almond in the world. It is harvested in Sicily in the small village of Avola, from where it took its name. You can recognise this almond from its flavor, the delicacy of its taste and its flat and even surface.

We call them French Almonds because it is a delicacy that comes from Provence in the South of France. They differ from Jordanian almonds as the French ones are smoother.

Marquise Avola Dragées is a dragées of a normal / big size with 42% of almonds. It is the most common 'high end" almond in the market and is available in White / Ivory / Pink / Blue / Gold / Silver and many more colors. 

There is one box of 500g (or 1.1lb) and a box of 1 kg (or 2.2 lbs).

In each pack of 1 kilo, you will have approximately 350 pieces and in each box of 500g, you have 175 dragées.

Avola Dragées Marquise are safe to eat, edible except in California where it is banned. They are Kosher from Beth Din de Paris (France)'s Kashrut. 

Do not swallow the dragées entirely and keep safe from the children.

We do not ship dragées to Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco (California), but we ship to NYC (New York), Miami (Florida), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Boston (Massachusetts), Washington DC (Maryland), Atlanta (Georgia)... and many more cities.

This is not a chocolate dragée. 

Ingredients : Dragées is made of sugar, almonds (42%) arabic gum, aroma, coloring agent E171.

Nutrition facts 
Energy : 500Kcal 
Total Fat : 22g (saturated fat : 2g) 
Total Carbohydrate : 64g (sugar : 52g)
Proteins : 7g
Salt : 0.02g

Keep in a dry place, at room temperature.

Dragées are used for presents for the guests in a brit milah, a bar / bat mitzvah, a wedding, a baptism, a communion, an engagement party and many more ceremonies. You can fill a pouch, or another nice container. You can also place the dragées on the cake / cupcake itself. For boys, you can have blue dragées, for girls pink dragées and for other occasions with a candy bar, you can have white, ivory, gold or silver dragées.

We recommend to eat the dragees sparingly.

The dragées are valid to be sold in the USA with FDA approval.

Dragees are valid for 12 months.

Produced in Provence (South of France) by Reynaud Artisan Confiseur. Since 1956, Dragées Reynaud is a family owned company and manufacture chocolate, candies, ... and almond dragées.

how many dragées is needed per person? As a gift in a wedding or a brit milah, you would need 6-10 dragées for each box or cone you would offer to the guests. With a 1 kilogram box, you can serve from 35 to 55 guests; with a 500g box from 17 to 27.

Process to create high quality dragées:
Reynaud Confiseurs are following a 6 steps in the process of producing dragées:
1. Selection of high end almonds. Marquise Avola Dragées are coming from Sicily.
2. Almonds are then stores in a cold room.
3. Covering of the almonds with gum arabic (from acacia) and sugar. This protects the almonds and fix moisture and fat inside.
4. Sugar Coating
5. Colouring with Sugar syrup
6. Sorting by hand, packaging by hand and weighing. 

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